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Tomislav James, United States

MEMBER SINCE November 21, 2017
Tomislav is a software engineer, technical consultant, and architect with over 10 years of experience. He specializes in full-stack, highly scalable, real-time JavaScript and Node.js applications, with past experience in C#, Java, and Ruby. He is an ...Click to continue
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Binhan Wang, United States

MEMBER SINCE December 07, 2017
CS master student at UT Dallas. Good at iOS development, Java, Python. Familiar with software development. ...Click to continue
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Joseph Williams, United States

MEMBER SINCE February 20, 2018
As a people person I seek out opportunities to interact with people and want to be a part of a team and not a stand alone developer. Do not put me in a corner, put me at a roundtable discussion so I can get involved. Experienced at working on proje ...Click to continue