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What is is an online outsourcing platform that puts employers and businesses in contact with a global network of talents. Any member can post a project, whether a short- or long-term job, and choose from skilled talents who offer bid proposals with rate quotes and time estimates for completing the work. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Employers can have their pick of thousands of talents who have the exact skills needed to get the job done, without undertaking the expense and commitment of hiring full-time employees in person.

Talents can tap into a readily available source of constant part-time and full-time work opportunities from employers who are specifically seeking them out.

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Only members have the ability to bid, so subscribe now. Once a member, follow these easy steps:

Step 1 - Click Find Jobs
Step 2 - Click the job title
Step 3 - Familiarize yourself with the project details, requirements, the client, etc.
Step 4 - Complete the form with as much details as possible. Be specific! Click Submit when done.

With that you were able to establish a proposal or a bid for the project to be reviewed by the employer.

Refer to this checklist:
  • Make sure you confirm your email. This will significantly help you in communicating with the job poster, and will keep you updated with what jobs are posted.
  • Make sure you have a presentable profile picture. This adds trustworthiness to your profile.
  • Upload your resume. This will show the employer, what you have and what they will throw at you.
  • Provide a portfolio of your previous works, if necessary (suggesting it’s a good practice). This will further enhance your profile’s competitiveness.
  • Adding your LinkedIn account makes your profile more compelling and stronger.
  • Complete/add your profile with as much information as you can.

All of these you can access in your Profile Settings.

Keep in mind that these employers not know you, it is appreciated to bridge that gap by supplying your profile with as much information about you and your talents as possible. Gain their trust with this checklist!

You will get paid through the platform once you are able to finish the job awarded to you. The funds sent by the employer will be kept on an escrow account in accordance with our platform’s Escrow Service. This service ensures that your payment is safe, and you can get it when you request it once it is funded by the employer.

To withdraw your funds, click Earnings, then click Withdraw Funds.

When such a case happens, please immediately contact Nodejsdeveloper Support Team and we will settle the dispute.

Email Address:

Phone Number: 972-200-5516

To be able to connect with employers, you should own the membership so subscribe now. Once you are a member, employer’s contact information will be visible.

My Jobs: We display all the jobs that you made a bid on and/or awarded with. When things get crazy, the search bar comes in handy in case you are looking for a specific job. Also, you can use the filter settings to sort and filter your jobs according to their posted dates and categories.

Earnings: This is where you can send invoices to your clients, check how much you have earned, check your transaction history, deposit funds; check whether you need to pay someone, check your tax information, collect and withdraw your payments/compensation, and check your membership status.