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Outsource Your Design Needs to Top Class Designers,Logo Designers,Brochure Designers,Beautiful Web Designers
Rajesh CEO
Rajesh Rajaram // CEO
Jeff Chan - COO
Jeff Chan // COO
Sreevalli - Director Nodejsdeveloper
Sreevalli // Director of Remote Operations
Jhon Rojas - Sales  Manager
Jhon Rojas // Sales Manager
Autumn - Sales  Manager
Autumn // Head of UI/UX Design

Engagement team

Brandon - UX / UI Manager - Nodejsdeveloper
Brandon UX/UI Manager
Tommy - UX / UI Designer - Nodejsdeveloper
Tommy UX/UI Designer
Jeff Chan - Adviser - Nodejsdeveloper
Jeff Chen, Adviser

About us

We are a customer-centric professional service company.

A few of the services we provide are IT consultations, customized web solutions, mobile development, cloud development, systems integration, server management.

We work closely with clients to review project objectives and business models. Furthermore, we leverage our industry knowledge and experience with current Best business practices to provide relevant solutions to our clients.


Active Projects


Product & Engineering


Finance & Operations

Machine Learning ,Logo Designing, Office Admin

Our products

Machine Learning ,Logo Designing, E-Commerce Experts
Forward Auction
Machine Learning, Web Designing, AI + Blockchain
Reverse Auction
Machine Learning ,Web Designing, SEO Writing
Penny Auction
Machine Learning ,Web Designing, Technical Writing
Silent Auction is the leading free web-based online project management and collaboration software tool. allows you to easily and effectively manage different phases of the project, check the hours worked, and organize to-do lists and many more!

Organize to-do lists and many more things!

Our services

We Offer full range of software development services including but not limited to: Software Architecture and Design, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Maintenance and Support , Testing and Quality assurance as well as Remote Infrastructure Management.

Now with we select top developers and designers to bid on your projects and complete it the way you want it!

Machine Learning ,Web Designing, Administrators
Machine Learning ,Web Designing, Office Admin
Our History
  • 2011
    Developscripts LLC
    Formed the Company
  • 2014
    Deployed with 200 + customer
  • 2016
    Leading Project Management Software
  • 2018
    Organizing the disorganized
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