The entire team behind NodeJSDeveloper.com comprises of high-performance problem-solvers who value integrity, have a proven track record of success, and a minimum experience of 3 challenging software projects. Our developers are passionate about NodeJS, and dedicated to implementing your vision efficiently and effectively. We support many renowned companies which confidently rely on our expertise for their critical projects. Some of our notable customers include Fortune 500 companies, Top 100 NodeJS Contributors, leading global Designers, Art Directors, Entrepreneurs and more.


Our growing team comprises of


industry-trained Node JS Developers

Node JS Developers

As a client, you also have the option to retain 1 or more Developer as a full-time employee

Hired by

  • 1. Post

    Client creates job and
    posts it on nodejsdeveloper.com,
    along with budget
  • 2. Match

    Our smart AI then
    matches the best candidate
    and alerts them
  • 3. Apply

    If available and interested,
    developer applies for
  • 4. Pay

    Once job is completed and
    client approves, money
    is released to the developer

Applicant Filtered

Applicant Filtered

Applicant Filtered

Why Node ?
Quality Assurance

At NodeJSDeveloper.com, we have built a high-performance team of qualified and tested developers who are experts in their respective domains, and excel at working with international clients remotely. Our process is client-friendly, as we take the guesswork and risks out of hiring remote engineers, and even offer you (up to) a 2-week trial with the developer. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work, or the developer's attitude at any point during the trial period, you are free to walk away or switch the developer.


Once the developers' profiles are published on our website, they are available for hire by our clients. We offer 3 types of hiring options to our clients: Full-time at 40+ hours per week*, Part-time at 20+ hours per week*, and Hourly. The developers' rates are determined based on the country they are based in, and not their skill level, as all our developers are in the top 3%.

*If the project goes overtime by a few hours (within reason), you are not charged extra.

In-Depth Skill Review

Our qualification process is more intense than even Google's and Facebook's. Our custom and rigorous due diligence process takes between 3-4 weeks for the applicants to complete, and very few manage to qualify. We build our team organically, so all our developers come with strong referrals from other elite developers and designers, leading to extremely high expectations from each and every one of them. We have a very low ratio of 1 in 30 of applicants who start the process and finally join our team, which gives us an exclusive pool of elite developers and designers for our clients to choose from.

Continued Excellence

The first step after your account is approved is to log into your NodeJSDeveloper account and enter your billing information for verification. This entails a 100% refundable $500 “good faith” deposit for all new clients, which is either credited against the first invoice, or refunded in the rare event of a failed trial. The next step is to enter your job requirements, after which you will be connected directly with one of our Directors of Engineering to understand the technical details and/or design brief of your project, provide a ballpark project completion timeline, and introduce you to the shortlisted developers for you to review. You can interview via Skype or email, finalize one, and start the trial period immediately.

Live Screening

Each candidate is thoroughly screened by our in-house experts in Node.js. We ascertain their problem-solving and analytical abilities, depth of experience, interpersonal skills, and most importantly, their creativity. Additionally, the profiles of our developers are not published on our website until they have successfully completed 2 in-house Node.js projects with us.

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